Canon XA10


As I developed my skills as a videographer I needed to upgrade from the smaller, consumer-style video Canon camera to a professional camera with more options, better lens and sound options for interviews with guests. I bought this camera initially thinking I could bring it with me when I travel and I brought it to Spain and Greece but it proved to be too cumbersome. I have since bought my Canon EOS Rebel T5i and retired this Camera for videography jobs and projects locally here in Toronto.


  • Professional Camera with professional features. When you walk onto a job site with this camera and microphone attached the client knows you mean business
  • Tons of pro feature packed into a small body. The camera is small and agile.¬†
  • 64gb of onboard memory plus two slots for additional memory cards of any size.
  • It records 1920 x 1080 HD Video
  • The battery lasts long. You can get a bigger battery for extra-long filming.
  • 2 XLR jacks for microphones¬†
  • Large sensor for great night videography


  • Although the size is small for a professional camera it’s too big to walk around with when travelling.
  • Huge learning curb.
  • Price. The camera is not cheap.

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