As much as I love my camera – I hate carrying it. I love my hands to be free, especially when out all day exploring a new city. Trust me; I was never the tremendous romantic type as I never liked holding hands. 
That said I was in a local camera store here in Toronto when I discovered Capture by Peak Design. It allows me to attach my camera to my belt or my backpack strap, which not only prevents theft, but it will enable my hands to be free! 


The all-new Capture is the most secure, convenient, accessible way to carry your camera, period. Unlike a camera strap, Capture keeps your camera rigidly stable while hiking, biking, or moving around the studio. Unlike a camera bag, Capture keeps your camera instantly accessible with the click of a button. Includes 2 components: a metal clip that clamps to any backpack strap, belt, or bag, and an Arca tripod-compatible plate that screws into the bottom of your camera. Your camera locks into the clip, where it is held rigidly and securely. Press the lockable quick-release button to remove. Holds well over 200 lbs. (90kg), making it strong enough for the heaviest of pro camera/lens combinations.

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