Osmo Pocket Extension Rod

USD 69.00

My very first camera was a Canon Elph, and I took that camera everywhere. 

Nowadays I take my OSMO Pocket everywhere. It’s truly the perfect vlogging camera but sometimes when you need to share the screen with someone, the OSMO’s camera is not wide enough. 
with the extension rode, I am able to attach the OSMO Pocket and extend it further away from me to fit more of me and my environment into the background. The controls on the handle control the gimble, the video/photo options 


  • Built-in Battery Type: LiPo

    Battery Capacity: 65 mAh

    Charging Temperature Range: 5 to 60°C

    Operating Temperature Range: 0 to 40°C

    Size:49.2 x 48.0 x 235 mm (folded)

    49.2 x 48.0 x 755 mm (unfolded)

    Weight:199 g

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